Meet our Magnificent Mamas!



Yellow Labrador Retriever


DOB: 1/10/19
Luna is a 55 lbs  yellow lab, 2 years old, and just as friendly as you can get. She greets you with the happiest smile, and loves to play. She is an amazing momma! In fact, we kept one of her babies to breed F1B labradoodles in the future. Luna is our sons dog, and is raised in a loving home on a farm.


German Shepherd


DOB: 1/27/21

Whiskey is a new one for the family! She is a full AKC German shepherd and is expected to weigh around 75 lbs. We are going to have Shepadoodles in the future! Putting a German Shepherd, and a Poodle together will make for some super intelligent babies! Whiskeys daddy has 6 boys that are currently working for the Maryland State corrections and comes from a great line of shepherds. She is raised by my daughter in her home, and is super loved and beautiful!




Whitey ( Blondie) is a medium sized parti factor labradoodle, although she is a very light color, she will throw mostly parti spots when she is bred with Toby in a few years. When she is full grown her estimated weight will be 40 lbs. Whitey lives with her momma, Luna. She loves to sleep on our son’s head and still fits on the couch with her momma.  


Mini Golden Doodle


DOB: 12/31/xx
Angel is a F1BB red mini golden doodle, weighing in at 11 lbs. Angel was brought to us during a very sad time in our lives, and was the light at the end of the tunnel. She is full of herself , extremely sassy, and loves to play. Her 1st litter was to Toby, and she has 3 beautiful babies, who she mothered like a pro! Angel is a very well traveled dog, she rode in the big rig with her daddy and traveled all over. She is now retired from trucking and loves to be home playing with her siblings. She is also embarked cleared. 


Mini Red Golden Doodle


DOB: 3/31/20
Miss Scarlet is also a F1BB mini red golden doodle,  weighing in at 14 lbs.  She is also a registered emotional support dog. She enjoys going to work with her Mommy and loves her life working at the police station. She is sassy as ever, and a little clumsy, but has the most loving eyes ever. She is also Embark health cleared.


Parti Labradoodle


DOB: 2/5/19
Harley is a beautiful F1B labradoodle, weighing in at 55 lbs. According to Embark, she has impeccable genetics! Harley enjoys playing in and around the pool, giving hugs, and treats. She is well mannered, great with kids, and loves her snuggle time in bed. Her 1st litter was born when she was 2 and she had 9 adorable puppies!


Golden Retriever


DOB: --
Sadie is a gorgeous, 3 year old Golden Retriever.


Chocolate Labrador Retriever


DOB: ---

Duck is a beautiful, chocolate Lab