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My name is Debbie Howell-Rainey and I started Debbie's Doodles, Minis,

+ Pups in 2014. We are located in Rimersburg, Pennslyvania.



I have always had German Shepherds in my life. When my best friend got a Goldendoodle around the same time I got Dakota, I fell in love! I had a little Peanut “shih-tzu” and he was my first doodle who he stole my heart! After he passed away, I started to do a lot of research on doodle breeds. I was helping friends sell them and just loved being around those little faces and their puppy breath! I helped a friend with mini goldendoodles and learned so much while doing it. Seeing an opportunity, I started our very own line of mini golden doodles. Afterwards, we made the addition of Harley, and she is the perfect standard labradoodle! 

My family and I take great pride in the health and wellness of our animals.

We do not support over breeding females and we take their health very seriously. Our babies are part of the family so getting a pet from us makes

you part of our family, too!




We take pride in the quality and care of our dogs at every level. To avoid any possible health issues, our studs are only used for size appropriate females. We always breed down in size for our minis and will not breed a standard dog to our toy or teacup dogs.  Our studs are available to breed outside of our family only if you have your females tested and clear of Brucellosis. We can do artificial insemination at our vets office.

Before we breed our females, we take them to the veterinarian to ensure they are healthy enough to breed. Additionally, we genetically test our babies to have the healthiest puppies possible. Once our babies are born, we keep handling to a minimum

so it doesn't stress our mama and the babies can grow on their own.


We feed our mama's Life Abundance dog food. It is high-quality nutrition, never been recalled, and made in the USA. This food has been known to produce healthier litters and helps lactating mothers.


At around 2 weeks the puppies start to open their eyes and get more coordination - but continue to nurse off of their mom. Once the puppies are around 5 weeks old, we start them on Life's Abundance: All Life Stages dog food, warm water, and canned food. At 6 weeks, they get their first set of shots, are micro-chipped, wormed, and visit the vet. At this point mama isn’t feeding them as much so we continue to play and love them until they get to their new homes!

One of our more unique services is our Flight Nanny program. Our nanny will travel anywhere within the United States to bring you your adorable fur baby. The puppy never leaves the nanny and is never placed in cargo. To ensure optimal health, we do not let the puppies fly until they have two of their booster shots. Puppy are delivered to the closest airport where the buyer retrieves their puppy. Additional charges occur for a flight nanny depending on location and flights. Please contact for more details.

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